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Scripted: Our Pharmacists can Prescribe!

In an effort to improve access to care in our rural communities, our pharmacies have partnered with ScriptHealth to provide clinical services for our patients. Our pharmacists have completed training so that they can prescribe medications for common conditions through our partnership with Script Health.

Have you ever tried to get an appointment with your doctor only to be told they can't see you for several weeks? There are many common conditions that we can see you for and determine if a prescription is appropriate! Allergies-Asthma -Uncomplicated UTI- Motion Sickness- Asthma-Birth Control- these are some of the conditions for which we can prescribe medications. Right now, we have a small assessment fee for these services. Prices range from $10-$39 for assessments plus the cost of the prescription. We may be able to bill your insurance for your prescriptions. If your insurance will not cover it, we have our own discount plans for prescriptions filled at our pharmacies.

This is just the beginning - we are working on putting things into place so that we will be able to bill your insurance for your visits and prescribe for more conditions. After all, in healthcare the pharmacists are the experts in medications with advanced degrees in pharmacy. They are constantly monitoring prescriptions we receive from your doctors for interactions and safety. It makes sense for them to prescribe for some of your basic conditions and ensure our local doctors use their time to help manage chronic and more serious conditions that require more intense assessment. Our pharmacists are an important part of your healthcare team and we will continue to work on introducing programs to ensure our patients always get the best care.

For more information on our new Scripted services, see our Scripted website:

You can see a list of conditions and you can also schedule an appointment on this site. If you need assistance, stop by the pharmacy Tuesday - Friday and one of our staff members can assist you.

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