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Second winner, Look For the Helpers Contest

We are excited to announce the second winner of our Look For the Helpers Contest! Each week a new winner will chosen from "helpers" who have been nominated by community members. Inspired by Fred Roger's quote about looking for helpers in difficult times, we wanted to hear stories of people who are helping in our communities during these tough times.

Sharajean was nominated for working long hours at home helping people through the intricacies of applying for unemployment benefits. The person who nominated her said "she has been working on the telephone overtime for weeks, with no end in sight... she's dealt with people crying, yelling, thankful, appreciating, and the entire range of frightened people trying to survive. And she has done it with good cheer, but she is tired!"

Thank you Sharajean for being a Helper!! We appreciate you! You have won a $40 gift card to the locally owned business of your choice and the person who nominated you will win a $10 gift card to the locally owned business of their choice!

Be sure to keep nominating the Helpers you see! We will choose a winner each week from our entire list of nominees. So keep the nominations coming!! You can email your nominations to or You can also fill out the contact us form on our websites or send us a facebook message.

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